What is the Simplest Way to Promote Affiliate Products?

There are several different methods on how to promote affiliate products. The method that will best suit you may depend on different factors such as budget and time. But no matter which method you choose, there is an endless amount of products you can choose to promote.

Try going to just about any website that sells a product and more than likely it will have “affiliate program” probably at the bottom of the home page. I would also suggest checking out Clickbank which offers thousands of different products to promote.

When you join one of these programs you will be given a link. These links will have a tracking code which will keep up with every view that you send to that sight and when that view results in a sale. You will then be given a nice chunk of cash for the product you sold. The amount you will be paid is different for each program.

Are you excited yet?

Once we’ve covered some of the basics I’ve got a really cool secret that make promoting affiliate products so much easier.

So let’s start with one of the more obvious and common ways…buying a website. The advantages to owning a website are that you can put up information fast (since it doesn’t have to get approved. You can design the website around a certain niche and sell multiple products to your customers. The disadvantages would be the cost of the website (which really isn’t too bad). There is a good amount of work in getting your sight ranked by creating back-links and keywords to enhance your search engine rank (unless you want to pay for your position).

Owning a website is a lot like owning real estate. With some work it can be very valuable.

Another really cool option is to set up a blog.

Blogging has both free and paid options. Owning a blog is very similar to having a website. You can choose a niche and start writing and placing articles on topics that can help your viewers. You can promote your products in your blog by dropping those links in your content or place a banner on the side of your blog. Many affiliate marketers will use articles to drive traffic to their blog or website.

A great totally free way for a beginner to get started would be article and ad marketing. Article marketing does not take a lot of resources but it does take a little work to get good at it…unless you’re just a natural.

So you can take your product link, now what you want to do is go to one of the free article directories (there are tons of them), write a relevant article that helps pre-sell your product and drop a link. For a website, blog, article or any method to make it to the top of the search engines your going to need some awesome keywords.

You can have the best website or article out there that could connect so many people with a great product but if you’re on the 50,000th page of Google, nobody is going to see it, right? One option you have is to go to the Google Keyword Research Tool. Here you can find high volume/low competition keywords for your niche.

Knowing the pain and frustration that you will inevitably go through…I have decided to let you in on a little SECRET. Before you go out and spend all your time trying to promote all these products to just anyone…how about finding a hot niche with a starving crowd.

What is a starving crowd?

A starving crowd is made up of a group of people that have a serious issue that must be addressed. For Example, women that want to get back to their original pre-pregnancy weight. Okay think about how crucial that is in a woman’s mind…she probably thinks about it every single time she looks in a mirror or puts on her clothes.

This my friend is a hot niche. There are so many different ways you can help with fitness, diet, etc…but you do see my point. There are plenty of niches like this out there…so before you get started do a little brainstorming because a hot niche can make a world of difference.

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